Whose is Russia’s external debt?

One of those questions you may wish to know the answer to, when it comes due..

Source: Central Bank of Russia


Data from the Central Bank of Russia show that, as of 1st Quarter of 2014, 90% of the country’s external debt was attributable to banks and other sectors, whereas government debt accounted for about 7.5% of the total. However, given that publicly-owned banks and companies are not singled out in this data, the actual government share is most likely higher. For both banks and other sectors’ external debt, loans and liabilities to direct investors are the biggest component.

Source: Central Bank of Russia

And when is this debt coming due?

54% of Russia’s external debt has maturity of over two years (unspecified); 10% is between 1 and 2 years whereas about 23% has maturity of 1 year or less. For part of the external debt, the schedule is not available or inexistent (debt without schedule). Of that part of debt that is coming due within 1 year, the biggest redemptions will be in December 2014 – with 32 USD billions of banks and other sectors’ debt coming due – and Q5-2015, with 28 billion.

Source: Central Bank of Russia

And what’s its currency of denominated ?

The bulk of Russia’s external debt is denominated in foreign currency, which is an important factor affecting the capacity of repayment. External debt in foreign curerncy amounts to about 55% of government’s debt, and reaches as high as 80% for debt due by banks and other sectors (with the previously made caution that these categories may in fact include debt that can be indirectly be attributable to the government).


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